Stylish Hijab Yet Still Covering Your Aurat

Assalamualaikum wbt

Wearing hijab according to syariah Islam doesn't mean that you can't be beautiful, I'm sure every girl does wanna look beautiful, right? And actually, in my opinion, Islam doesn't prevent muslimah to get dressed up nice and pretty. It's not a sin at all to be beautiful. But the problem is, do muslimah wearing the hijab in proper way? I mean, do they wearing the veil that covers their aurat? Covers their private parts? Do they aware of their aurat?

Part of the muslimah may prefer to wear 'tudung labuh' only. And other part of them  is wearing 'tudung labuh' with niqab/purdah. Which I think, it is more comfortable, more secure for them. For your information, to those who don't familiar with 'tudung labuh', 'tudung labuh' is like an ordinary normal school uniform's hijab but different in length because 'tudung labuh' is much longer.

Don't be shame if you're not wearing 'tudung labuh' like other muslimah did. Covering your aurat is not only by wearing that kinda hijab.  Islam has never put a set of guidelines that wearing a 'tudung labuh' is an obligatory or a must. Actually there's so many type of shawl, hijab and etc that surely gonna cover your aurat perfectly. As long as you feel secure, and you know that what you wear covers your aurat wholly, then it's ok. So, don't feel down or depressed or stress when people insult you for not wearing the 'tudung labuh'. They don't have the right to do so, actually.

It's not a fault to look beautiful, to improve your confident level, to match your hijab with your 'baju kurung' or blouse etc, Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty too. What I mean is, it's not wrong to wear how many way of styling your hijab. Even I'm doing it too, I'm styling my hijab too. But you have to make sure, really make sure that, you're totally covering your aurat. Which, you're covering your chest area and back area too. Easy right??

It's simple actually! Following the syariah is about protecting you from harm. It's protecting you from the eyes of 'wild muslim'. And remember, dressed up nice pretty beautiful not to get praise from others, but  to please Allah swt. No matter what type of hijab do you wear, what type of colour do you choose, or what kinda ways you're styling the hijab, it's all your right. Just dear muslimah, use the veil to cover your chest please, absolutely cover your aurat. Muslimah wearing hijab perfectly is so forever beautiful!

Keep your aurat as it is your dignity,
protect your precious body,
care for its beauty,
to be seen by your husband ONLY :)
May peace be upon you!